nathan’s 2022 board

A book titled “___ & ___”A book borrowed from a friendA graphic novelA book by an author born in the same year as youA book recommended by the staff at your favorite bookstore
A book about a sportHistorical fictionA book published this yearA fantasy novel whose setting is not based on EuropeA memoir or essay collection
A short story anthology: Close Range: Wyoming Stories by Annie ProulxA book you started in the past but never finished: The Little Sister by Raymond ChandlerAny book! (Free space): The Likeness by Tana FrenchA book published by a small pressA book involving time travel: Kindred by Octavia Butller
A novella (under 200 pages): The Secret Talker by Geling YanA book on Vulture’s Best Books of 2021 list: No One is Talking About This by Patricia LockwoodA book with a family tree or character list insideA book published under a pen nameA thriller
A book published in the 1990s: Underground by Haruki MurakamiA book with a cover you don’t likeA book by someone who has won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, or TonyA book a friend wants you to read: In the Woods by Tana FrenchA book by a non-American author