Peyduck’s 2023 board

A book published at least 50 years before you were born: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar WildeA book with a season in the title…or the word “season”: The Hot Summer of 1968 by Viliam KlimacekA book of just straight up hijinks/hijinks vibes: Garth Marenghi’s TerrorTome by Matthew HolnessA book with multiple narrators or points of view: The Glass Hotel by Emily St John MandelAn author’s debut novel: No-No Boy by John Okada
A short story collection by a woman: Nineteen Claws and a Black Bird by Agustina BazterricaA book a friend wants you to read: The Overstory by Richard PowersAn adult book by an author best known for writing for children/YA: The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le GuinA book by an author you read for the first time in the last two years: Black Swan Green by David MitchellA book translated from Russian: The Master & Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov
A book that was originally published in installments: Mermaid Saga by Rumiko TakahashiA book with a photograph on the cover: Foe by Iain ReidAny book! (Free space): Election by Tom PerrottaA book by an author who has immigrated to America: Babel by R. F. KuangA book about a road trip: The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt
A book about food: Raw Dog by Jamie LoftusA book published in 2023: For You and Only You by Caroline KepnesA non-fiction book about fiction: Burn it Down by Maureen RyanA book you got for free: Dark Money by Jane MayerA book with a film or TV adaptation in production: Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow by Tom King
A book that is amongst those you’ve owned for the longest without reading: Lolita by Vladimir NabokovA book that’s second or later in a series: The Hollow Boy by Jonathan StroudA book about the natural world: Migrations by Charlotte McConaghyA book on Vulture’s Best Books of 2022 list: Manhunt by Gretchen Felker-MartinA book by an author you read in school: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck