auntym’s 2023 board

A book published at least 50 years before you were bornA book with a season in the title…or the word “season”A book of just straight up hijinks/hijinks vibesA book with multiple narrators or points of viewAn author’s debut novel
A short story collection by a woman: An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good by Helene TurstenA book a friend wants you to readAn adult book by an author best known for writing for children/YAA book by an author you read for the first time in the last two years: Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony DoerrA book translated from Russian
A book that was originally published in installmentsA book with a photograph on the coverAny book! (Free space)A book by an author who has immigrated to AmericaA book about a road trip
A book about foodA book published in 2023A non-fiction book about fictionA book you got for free: The Maidens by Alex MichaelidesA book with a film or TV adaptation in production
A book that is amongst those you’ve owned for the longest without readingA book that’s second or later in a series: The Madness of Crowds by Louise PennyA book about the natural worldA book on Vulture’s Best Books of 2022 listA book by an author you read in school